I forgot to mention that I got randomly selected for additional searchings at airport security, and then their machine said “Explosives detected” about my hands, so I got even more additional searchings. I was not carrying any explosives. We figured it must have been the nail polish remover, which I hadn’t washed off.

We went to a grocery store to get some breakfast/lunch, and my mom claimed that the guy in the deli was smitten with me. His name was CLYDE, which is a funny name. I ate all the food in the world and felt replete, and with the warm sun through the car window I was extremely satisfied.

Hoover Dam is freaking awesome. How the hell do you even build a dam. Seriously. Next we will meet Mostle and Jakebii and see what then. Last I heard they were approaching the city from afar.

Also, we found some important signs in the vicinity of the dam:

Neither matches nor open lights are allowed to be smoked in these parts.