Ah, I was up until two in the morning packing and stuff, and then had to get up at five to make it to flight, and by now I am soOoOoOo tired. Tomorrow we are going to have a liesurely day seeing everything we want to see, and that will be great because I am going to CRASH HARD tonight.

Oh, man, the Luxor is so cool. I found already a gay rainbow ring for myself and a wonderful souvenir for Zombie Girl, but there is a bigger gift shop hiding in there somewhere that I still want to see.

Cirque du Soleil (Mystere) was pretty cool, and we had a delicious delicious delicious meal in the Treasure Island restaurant. Now it is time for all the sleep. Unfortunately, I left my wrist braces at home (as is often the case when I travels, since I wear them to bed the night before and then forget to pack them when I get up), so we’ll see how my wrists feel in the morning…

In the parking garage, it’s tradition to take off your shoe and smack it on the horizontal bracey-bar-things on the ceiling. This isn’t a very good picture of it, but there were footprints all over every single one of these things.

Luxor gift shops: home to the best giraffes ever devised.

It only took us about a billion tries even to halfway balance the lighting for this picture.