All right, it’s time for my solitary casino adventure, as everyone else has gone or is going to bed. So we’ll see about this. I’ma head down to the Luxor gift shop to look at fake antiquities, then over to the Castley-What’s-It-Called gift shop to look at pseduo-fantasy nonsense. I’ll document my success (or lack thereof) as I go.

OK, the Luxor gift shop is closed. I suppose it makes sense that people working in gift shops have to sleep at some point, but somehow “closed” was not a state I really expected to find any place in Vegas in. I’ll try the Excalibur shop, but I’ve lost hope. Yep, that one’s closed too. But I did find some freaking awesome nail art stuff at a kiosk that is freaking awesome. Well, I’ll see if I can catch those gift shops tomorrow before we are completely out of here. For now, time to take a glance at the nightclub.

Theme of the night: it is closed XD I’m going to bed.