Once upon a time there was the most amazing buffet ever. I had, like, seven plates, and everything was super delicious. Wine was free, so there I had my alcoholic beverage. I never did end up putting any money into a gambling device, but one can’t have everything. Anyway, the wine was gross (as wine always is) and the food was amazing, so good jobon that.

Oh, before that, I tried to catch the two gift shops that I really wanted to, and it turned out that the more desirable of the two didn’t open until eleven, which was after we were checked out and gone, mou. So no antiquities for me.

So the idea after lunch was to go see a few more things on the strip before heading back to the airport, but it turns out ginormous meal + already tired from yesterday = we’re done. So this is my last Vegas entry. I hear home got snow dumped on it while we’ve been here!

(Note: the photos in these Vegas entries are only the ones I and Lester took, since everyone else sucks at giving me the photos they took. There are a few more than the ones I put in the entries in the gallery.)


Yes… done.