First, a to-do list:

* Edit this entry to contain actual information about life
* Get chapter ready for tomorrow
* Beta-readingz
* Samiches? — I’m thinking not on these; I only work five-ish hours next two days, so I won’t be wanting a lunch at work
* Start picture for next week
* Work on telve story
* Start laundry
* Deal with laundry
* Post chapter at midnight and then go to bed

Next, a few last miscellaneous notes about Vegas. I saw a woman with a butt-length brown braid; HOW ABOUT THAT. Also, I discovered somewhat to my jealousy that Mostle and Jakebii managed to play roulette on that same night I was too busy being disappointed about gift shops and closed nightclubs and too lazy to get cash to play anything. And I still haven’t gotten hold of all the pictures yet.

I hate lj’s new commenting format. Does anyone know if it’s possible to change it? Or at the very least, to change the icon selection back to how it was before? I only have 73 icons, but not only is it a huge pain in the ass to have to scroll through them all visually, they’re also arranged stupidly in upload order rather than alphabetically, and it takes me half a year to find the one I want every time I comment. Ugh.

Orange Cat comes and looks into my window, says hallo to Tokio. She becomes agitated. Orange Cat goes away.

Christmas Eve was as awesome as it always is, except that somehow the vegetable tray my dad got did not include celery. (For anyone that’s forgotten or doesn’t know, I’m allergic to vegetables, but I always eat celery on Christmas Eve and cheerfully suffer). Christmas was also a good job. MmmmChristmasFood.

Monday was extremely slow at work, so I worked on Plastic sequelage and ASZz. ASZz chapter 24 is so close to being done, and just crawling along. It features Kenshin’s first actual appearance in the story, which is fairly exciting, but obviously not exciting enough for it not to be crawling along XD

Tuesday was the kickback busy day, so I didn’t work on anything but actual work that day. Yesterday was fairly slow, and I got a little more ASZz done during the gaps. We had the Military Bowl playing on the radio, but the equipment is so noisy that I only heard about 1/3 of the game. How about that disappointing ending? Very tense, though, so good jobon them for that.

Mostle and Jakebii have gone home, and I shall miss them, but it was nice to have them here for Christmas. Too bad they could not stay for New Year’s Eve and Mostle’s birthday. But I am pleased that I remembered to get them to pose for me this time; the world might have come to an end if I’d forgotten again. At the very least I would have had to conjure up a divan to collapse dramatically onto.

OK, I think that’s all the real-life stuff this entry needs. I’ll make a different entry later if I have more to say.