When cat wants me to get up in the morning, she nuzzles my hands. If my hands are hidden, she places a delicate paw on my nose. It’s pretty well the cutest thing that ever happens in life.

ASZz chapter will be up at some point today. I’m glad I have it to distract me, because FUCKING SHERLOCK OMFG there are still, like, four more hours before I can hope to see it. Actually I think I’ll finish getting this chapter ready to post and then go take a shower and then go work on the puzzle and eat food. Or maybe I’ll just play MM6. Probably puzzle, since that needs to get done.

Well, I’ve officially caught up to all the Rose Pale art I had stockpiled. I finally started my picture for chapter 13 yesterday, and so far it’s a mixture of awesome and kinda suck. We’ll see how it turns out. Unfortunately, I won’t really have time to redo it if I don’t like it XD Gotta get back ahead!