I was discussing with Zombie Girl some thoughts about the future lives of characters in the Plastic universe, and I mentioned Zachary Quinto coming out this past October since it’s going to be significant to someone in that world. My brother was in the room, and at this point he asked in surprise, “Zachary Quinto’s gay?” We confirmed this, and he immediately stood up and headed for the door, saying, “Where does he live, again?” When I asked if Mr. Quinto was on the list, Lester remarked, “I am so straight for him.” This is my new favorite phrase XD

So the list. I’m sure almost everyone has one… the list of non-fictional people you would disregard your sexuality for if the opportunity arose to get romantic with them. Mine includes Hugh Jackman, a number of J-pop guys (generally the ones that look like girls), and the much-lamented Michael Jackson, insane though he was. Anyone feel like sharing their list?

At work recently, another lady’s extensively-beaded dress was ruined. It was a cute dress with a little jacket that was also covered with beads. I warned her when I took the pieces in that these were hand-wash-line-dry and the beads might melt, and she said, “I understand,” and signed the waiver.

Then I also happened to be the one there when she came to pick her order up (I’m almost full-time these days, somehow, so that was really no surprise), and when I told her that the beads on her dress had melted… well, she couldn’t have been more different from that other lady if she’d been specifically trying. Her response was pretty well just, “That’s OK… that’s the risk you take dry-cleaning stuff.” And when I said I was sorry for the circumstance, she replied, “Don’t worry about it… that’s what I signed for.” I was just agog.

I think I had more to talk about, but I need to get a shower and then go to Wal-Mart.