Time for Snowflakiness day 5. (Days 3 and 4 were not really post-in-lj-type things) Share something non-fannish you are passionate about with your fannish friends.

This one is… pretty hard. Fanstuff is primarily what I do, and anything else I could name is pretty well going to be other things I’m a fangirl of but don’t necessarily create derivative works based on XD I like reading books (primarily in audio form), and playing the occasional video game. I love listening to music. Seriously, my life is mostly devoted to fanworks, and I see nothing wrong with this.

Well, OK, I guess my cat kinda counts. I love her very much, and at this point I feel like she’s as close as I’ll ever come to having a child of my own. She’s a very curious cat that always likes to see what’s going on and always has to sniff whatever you’re eating. She’s tolerably affectionate, and sometimes I get the impression that she really is rather attached to me (though with cats it’s often hard to tell). Apparently when I’m at work she wanders around expressing her annoyance that I’m not there to anyone she sees. She is my favorite ^___^

Of course she has a fannish name…