Ah, I was so productive yesterday ^___^ I worked on plenty story and plenty picture, and it was great.

So. I posted the lastest Aku Soku Zan(za) chapter the other day. Thing is, for the last couple of chapters I’ve only been rereading and working with the previous chapters in this part of the story (i.e. chapter 22 onward), and relying on memory for anything I needed from Part 1. This is a bad idea, but I’m lazy. So recently I’ve reread Part 1 at work.

It’s a pretty engaging story. It’s got some issues, and ZOMFG is it ever full of typos and weird sentences that really need to be fixed, but overall I found I liked it quite a bit. The Part 1 climactic showdown chapters are pretty damn awesome, too. So good jobon that. But anyway, the point to mentioning this…

This rereading led, yesterday, to one of those times when I freak out about Saitou/Sano and go looking for something — ANYTHING — I haven’t seen before concerning them. Poor guys are so neglected and forgotten these days, and even I can’t really claim to be a champion anymore. But I did, during the course of my freakout, start drawing a picture of them. I actually kinda scribbled the pencil part because I was in a bit of a frenzy, but since then I’ve spent forevaaar painting it, and it’s looking fairly decent.

While I wait for each application of paint to dry, I’ve been working on a MLPFiM picture I started that is turning out quite nicely so far. This one I’m doing in colored pencil, and it’s nice to have two pictures running concurrently like that so I always have something to be working on and don’t have to find shit to do while I’m waiting on wet stuff to dry.

I think Wintercease made the most progress of anything yesterday, but I also played the one-line game with all GW fics and touched on Heretic’s Reward a bit too. By now I have a tentative plan about what’s coming next — to write Wintercease and What Not To Do at once and then post them together, since What Not To Do has themes that may not appeal to all readers and I’d like to have something going up for people that aren’t interested in that. Anyway, Wintercease is being a lot more cooperative than WNTD, so we’ll see what actually happens.

Today (might as well touch on today under this same cut, as long as I’m talking about plenty picture and story) at work it was quite slow, and I worked a bit on HR between customers. That puts that latest chapter in a good spot; I’ll have to see what-all I can do with it in the next week or so. At the moment I am working on getting that Saitou/Sano picture finished, since it needs to be done so I can start next week’s Rose Pale piece in good time.

I can’t believe all the episodes that will appear this weekend (well, and next weekend too). I get Friendship is Magic, Once Upon a Time, and Sherlock. I don’t know if I can handle it! I’ve never been following three shows at once before!!!! So much awesome in the space of only two days!!!!!!!!! WOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t really have anything to offer for today’s Snowflake Challenge item, on account of I tend not to read things I think I won’t like; it’s far, far more common for me to think I will like something and end up hating it than the other way ’round, but obviously I’m not going to mention any of those XD

I really need to clean up my room. It is not going to happen today. Now back to drawing.