I was going through some of my music the other day, and I came across “your” music called An Angel to Watch Over Me. The sad thing is — as I played it, I discovered I only have the first 3 pages and at the end of page 3 it says: And because of her _____ and that’s it. So I know there must be at least one additional page and I don’t know where it could be. I have moved around the country quite a number of times, so I have no idea where I even came by this music, but it is a beautiful piece with “beautiful” words. “My” music has been copied off of an original but I noticed it says — Making copies for non-commercial use is permitted. So I’m wondering if either myself or someone else “copied” this music from one of “our” Church Magazines. But I would like to “purchase” a copy from you to show my appreciation as well as obtaining the remaining page(s) of this beautiful piece of music. I hope it is still available. Thank you for your time and May God continue to bless you.