I have been very grouchy today in a PMSy sort of way. I blame this on the contraceptive pills I resumed taking three days ago. It’s an unfortunate mood to be in when you work in customer service, especially when some woman comes in at two minutes before closing time with sixty-five dollars’ worth of dry cleaning. She didn’t even have the decency to be unpleasant, so I can’t even make fun of her. But seriously? Don’t do that, people; don’t walk into a place just as they’re closing and give them shit to do that will keep them late.

Fortunately, work was pretty slow for the first couple of hours, and I got some writing done on Wintercease (which, by the way, is going to overtake What Not To Do mightily if the latter doesn’t get off its ass). Then I’ve been playing Might and Magic since I got home, and reading, and I’m counting on a much better mood tomorrow. I bet it will be hella busy at work, but I can always read while I tag orders and that makes for a fairly pleasant day. So now to bed.

Oh, briefly. Snowflake thing had boring and/or not applicable prompts for its last three days, so I’m done with that now.