I dreamed that we were on a family vacation, and the road was snowed/avalanched to the point where it was just an ongoing dangerous slope down into the water. Because of this and my dad’s driving, I eventually fell out of the car into the water. At first I was trying to swim without getting my cell phone in my pocket wet (because this is a thing that works in dreams), but there was a current that was pulling me away from the road if I didn’t swim strongly. Also my mom was giving me this disdainful impatient look as if she was wondering why I was holding everyone up. You know, while I was asking my family for help getting out of the water. So I swam more vigorously and got out, and then immediately pulled out my phone in a panic to see if it was dead.

Eventually we got to our destination, which turned out to be a Sherlock Holmes story. I couldn’t figure out whether it was a Sherlock Sherlock Holmes story or a Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes story, but I knew it was one of those options. I was a little concerned because in either case there was a high probability of gay in the story (because both Sherlock and Mary Russell are so badass), and my mom is so homophobic.

(Stepping out of the dream for a moment, did you know that in her copy of A Monstrous Regiment of Women, she took a black marker and blanked out the brief conversation where lesbians are mentioned? I didn’t know until the fourth time I read the book [because it was a different copy] that that’s what they were talking about; I’d always assumed it was about Russ lusting after Holmes)

So this story turned out to involve an Indian family, and I thought, Oh, I’ll be able to tell whether this is Sherlock or Russ based on the level of racism, which I thought was kinda sadly funny when I woke up. Apparently two sisters in this family were at odds because one of them had tried to thwart their brother’s gay marriage in order to further her own marriage or something soap-opera-y like that.

Then the dream totally shifted, and suddenly I was Russ, and I was waiting for an aeroplane to come, and on that aeroplane was Watson and he was bringing me something important. But time went by and no aeroplane appeared, and I was getting more and more worried (since we all know how Russ feels about aeroplanes in the first place, poor thing).

I fell asleep and dreamed (within the dream) that I was aboard the plane and the pilot went unconscious, so I was trying to figure out how to land the thing without dying. We were above water, so I figured when we landed the plane would quickly sink and fill with water, so I was trying to figure out how I would get the pilot out and to safety so he wouldn’t drown after we’d landed, assuming I could land the thing in the first place.

Then the plane arrived and startled me awake, and Watson was fine. I was so pleased to see my dear Uncle John that I took both of his hands and kissed them in my relief and joy. It was kinda sweet. Also kinda random; I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed I was Russ before.

I bleached and dyed my hair again on Sunday, aiming for a more permanent look this time than the very temporary red I put in at Christmas and that was looking pretty awful lately. Just so everyone knows, on a head of hair that is partially pale reddish-orange and partially bleach blonde, L’Oreal’s “Midnight Ruby – Light Auburn Black” and “Midnight Moon – Cool Soft Black” equal the most astonishing dark purple-blue anyone has ever seen. Pictures eventually, when I manage to pick my jaw up off the floor. I mean, I was expecting perhaps a purple sheen, but not this…

Choir practice starts Saturday *___*