Rose Pale Index

His host was kind and friendly, yet had the form of a monster and had demanded of him a lifetime’s penitence for a trifling offense. His lifetime’s penitence took him forever from a family he loved, yet Quatre felt it not impossible that he might be happy here.

Trowa is determined to remain at his master’s side through anything and everything, even if Quatre has sworn to spend the rest of his life in an enchanted palace in the middle of the forest, and even if their relationship can never become what Trowa really wants.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Quatre & Trowa (primary), Duo & Heero (primary), Additional unlisted pairing(s) | Rated 2 | | Language, sex, faerytale AU, angst | 134,520 words | Completed 02/2012

Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV
Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII
Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII
Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XV Chapter XVI

Rose Pale ebook download: pdf / mobi

2 thoughts on “Rose Pale Index

  1. *gasp* What’s this? What’s this?? A NEW STORY?!?!

    Ooooooooh. *ponders* Should I start reading now… or wait until more things are posted? [Well, that’s a silly question. Onward!! XD]

    New story, yay! ^___________^

    *dives right in*

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