I have purple-blonde hair. How Mary-Sue is that XD It’s the weirdest fading dye-job I’ve ever seen in my life, and I kinda like it. Which is good, since (as I believe I mentioned) I’m just not interested in doing anything more to my hair for quite some time. Well, I still need to get it trimmed, but I keep forgetting to do that and I honestly don’t really care. Whatevs.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day! I want to buy someone a big old box of chocolates. Also I want to distribute those crappy little Valentine cards kids buy. Everything is just so tacky-cute for Valentine’s Day. I bet I won’t end up doing anything, though XD

As for writing lately, I’m totally back on track; I’ve been extremely productive recently, though not on fanfiction. I’m working on a series (TLY) that is intended eventually for my nieces and nephews (present and future). I came up with the basic concept something like a year ago and have been letting it stew, and recently I’ve started work for real. It’s extremely exciting, and every new idea I come up with or thing that falls into place makes me squee. Characters are becoming more detailed, the timeline is working out, etc., and as for the actual writing, I’m just starting the fourth chapter. I am very happy ^__^

My mother has demonstrated her usual meteoric level of disinterest regarding my writing with this project. Lester will patiently listen to every new development, and if he’s not actually interested he very kindly has me fooled. But mom will change the subject almost aggressively the moment I bring it up, and today basically told me that I shouldn’t talk about it because nobody cares, and nobody will ever care, and I shouldn’t be surprised if nobody ever reads it. What a bitter old woman she’s becoming.

So speaking of writing, you know I had no freaking idea Rose Pale was so long? I seriously thought it was more along the lines of Sun and Shade, length-wise, but actually it turns out to be the third-longest story I’ve yet written. How weird.

Unrelated to anything else, I finished Twilight Princess again yesterday when I was being unproductive because of rage, and I am still not reconciled to the ending. Why would she… aaargh. Also, I think it’s hilarious than an official LoZ timeline has been released and it actually has more alternate timelines than all the ones the fans came up with.

OK, I’m done.