All sorts of snow today. My back yard was very pretty when I got upstairs this morning. Usually snow slows business at work right down to practically or actually nonexistent, and I’m hoping it will do so today. Last Friday I got an unexpected day off when by the time I was supposed to come in they’d had exactly zero customers, and the next best thing is getting paid to stand around and play with my new phone all day :D

I got a new phone. My old one, a beloved model with minimal maddening design flaws, was getting on in years and, especially given how much I used it, starting to dodder a bit. I’ve gotten into a fairly good habit of not buying a bunch of pointless crap on a regular basis, and thought I could try paying my own phone bill for a while like a reasonable adult (and get a more functional phone in the process). So I’ve switched to Cricket and gotten a lovely new phone. IT IS SUCH A WONDERFUL PHONE. I don’t have words for its beauty and wonder.

For one thing, it allows me to work on story much more easily at work. Previously, when things were slow enough for me to write at work, I would do so by MMS to my email address… which meant I was always having to start a new message every time I hit 1,000 characters… but now I’ve got a word processor on my phone, and can just type forever *____* Yesterday I wrote twelve hundred words on TLY during my little short Friday shift.

TLY progresses apace, though I have some concerns about chapter 3. We’ll see, we’ll see. For now, I should stop making this entry and do some work (either the kind I get paid for or writing :D).