I dreamed that I was reading TLY to Mostle and a cousin, and Mostle liked it very much ^__^ Of course, in this dream, I’d written a deliberate blatant parody of Gaston (BatB) into the story, so the fact that Mostle liked it didn’t mean as much as it would in real life XD

After that I dreamed that personal lock-boxes/vaults at banks were all room-sized and equipped like tiny hotel rooms. In the dream, I seemed to be among a very small set of people that realized this. I thought it was pretty cool, because then if you ever needed a place to stay and you had a box at a bank, you could just stay there. Actually you could probably just live there if you needed to. A few other people that had also come to this conclusion and I were all at our boxes at a bank, and decided it would make an awesome horror movie if a bunch of people were doing this and got stuck inside and had to get out. (This is probably not true.)

Da ha, guess who can play adventure games (including AGS games) on her phone. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more FREAKING AWESOME. Oh, speaking of adventure games and my badass phone, I couldn’t help drawing a comparison recently as I determined how to use MP3s as ringtones. You know how sometimes when you’re playing an old adventure game, and you have to look up how to do something, you find yourself wondering, “How did anyone ever figure this out before the internet?” It was like that. Only instead of, “Who would ever think to type ‘look INSIDE boat’ specifically?” it was, “Who would ever think to create a directory ‘Media’ with a subdirectory ‘Ringtones’ on the SD card and put the files they wanted to use in there?” It made me laugh.

Yesterday’s work was actually somewhat difficult to get through, on account of me feeling sick to my stomach throughout. Today I feel less so, however, so good jobon that. If I can just get my laundry done so I’ll have something to wear this week, that’ll be great. Meanwhile, working on TLY and may touch some fanfiction at some point (probably ASZz). Yay!