I dreamed that mom and dad and I and Lester were at Disneyland. Besides the usual “what should we go on next?” nonsense that seems to be more than half of most of my Disneyland dreams, there was this part about one “ride” that was just jumping down a hugely long shaft and landing on a giant pillowy-thing at the bottom. By the time we got up to the top of the stairs for that one, I’d decided not to jump down the hole because it seemed stupid and kinda scary.

Then in another dream, Lester and I were hostages of terrorists. My mom was a reporter and my dad was… well, I think he had the same job as in real life, but since they work for the government that put him in a dangerous position as well. There were all these explosions, and Lester and I were freaking out, but both our parents were OK. Lots of other people weren’t, though :(

I think I’ve mentioned this about a million times; maybe this will be the last time, since it’s history now. On my old phone, I was able to read my emails because I had gmail forward them all to my phone as picture messages. The problems with this were twofold. One, that if the email was a livejournal comment, I had to scroll through the entire livejournal post to get to the actual comment part. Not only was this tedious (extremely tedious for longer entries), if I got another message while I was doing it, I’d have to go back into that email and start scrolling all over again. Two, that the phone couldn’t handle longer messages, and once they hit about ten pages long, the screen would just go white.

This meant that, while I could receive comment emails on longer chapters or one-shots, I usually couldn’t read them. I often tried, just in case it might be different this time, but I’d either get interrupted and not want to bother with all that scrolling again when it would probably just end in a white screen, or I’d hit the actual white screen. This was especially frustrating when I got the email right at the beginning of an eight-hour shift… one time I actually texted my sister and asked her to go to my lj and copy/paste the latest comment on the latest post and send it to me.

Since Rose Pale chapters were every single one of them at white-screen length, and since fate decreed that I should receive 75% of the reviews for it while I was at work, my desire for a phone that had an email client or internet access has been increasing steadily and madly since October. So when do I get such a phone so that I could easily read comments on Rose Pale chapters at work or anywhere else without a long nonsense of scrolling or white-screening? A couple of weeks after I’ve finished posting Rose Pale XD XD XD

It’s still the greatest phone ever devised.

The stomach troubles I had for a little bit are gone, but I’m pretty sure now that I’ve caught my mom’s cold-thing. Mou. Actually I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t been sick more often since I started this job… I mean, I have my hands in a million different people’s clothes all day, and I’d think that would be Super Germland. But I think I have a pretty good immune system.

Also I think I shall wear my rainbow tie today ^__^