Monday was one of those inexplicable, lovely days when I have plenty of energy all day. Usually I’m extremely low-energy, so it’s really nice when this happens. I’ve been meaning to start exercising more since the treadmill is fixed, but I keep forgetting. Perhaps I can remember today.

Dad brought home a box of chocolates last night and we all ate thems. Many of them were quite delicious, and two of them were soOoOo pink that I didn’t want anyone to eat them because they were too pretty. Anyway, there was a cute striped ribbon around the chocolates box, and ribbons are kinda-sorta a weakness of mine, and I was like I’MA WEAR THAT IN MY HAIR TOMORROW.

So today I am wearing this striped ribbon in my hair, and it looks absurd, especially with the lumpy ponytail I carelessly concocted. Customers keep coming in (da ha, posting from work) and looking all startled when they see me. Then they inevitably say something like, “Oh, you look cute!” or, “Oh, nice hair ribbon!” by which they mean, “That looks absurd!” And I’m like, “Hee hee hee, thanks.”

Now it’s getting a little busy, so I’d better have done with this.