Congratulate me, for I very successfully managed to remember to exercise yesterday. The plan is to do just half an hour (a.k.a. one episode’s worth) a day, which seems like a manageable amount, which is why it’s the plan. And I did that. I was terribly pleased with myself. Unfortunately, then everything else ugh. First off, the real reason one is supposed to wear shoes on the treadmill is not because it’s in any way likely that one’s toes will get caught between the moving belt and the side and get sawn off; it’s because wearing just socks on the damn thing will raise freaking blisters on the bottoms of one’s foots. I… was not aware of this. Not until it was too late.

Secondly, one needs to be used to exercising, which I am not. It takes very little to interfere with my sleep, and evidently “having exercised” qualified hard. Every time I have the worst night of sleep evar, I get all scrunched up trying to sleep and wake up with weird cricks in places. Also tired (and sore from the actual exercising). Also I had those disturbing half-asleep dreams and my cat was annoyed at me for not being able to lie still.

But enough about that. Today I feel like working on ASZz, at least a little. I’ve hit another one of those rewrite-the-manga-scene parts, which are always interesting. Because I all sit here with a scanslation and the tankoubon and a Japanese dictionary and the western release (which I don’t much trust but still like to cross-reference), and pointlessly ponder over the specific interpretation of each line until I’m blue in the face.

As if I’m not going to rewrite most of the dialogue anyway. And that’s before taking into consideration the differences between ASZz and canon at this point, especially in Sano’s head. But I’m writing this story pretty exclusively for my own entertainment these days, and apparently this silliness is what entertains me.

I’d like to work on TLY at some point today too; we’ll see how successful I am at that. I’m supposed to see Zombie Girl today, but I don’t know when. I have some errands I need to run, which I would like to run in her company, but she has a bad habit of not letting me know when item will be taking place, and I may need to get stuff done before I even hear from her. All the seeing is what we will do.

Now I’m tired of making this entry.