I did manage to exercise yesterday. The episode idea was a good one, I think, because things always feel like less of a waste of time to me if I can do more than one of them at once. Though I shouldn’t be congratulating myself too much after just two days XD

One of the problems the treadmill was having, and for which a repairperson has been in three times or so, was that it randomly changes the incline grade, of its own accord, while the treadmill is going. We thought that was fixed but guess what. It’s not really a problem, but it’s probably indicative of some of the other problems that also appeared before.

Yesterday when I woke up, my eyes hurt. Now that I think about it, that’s a somewhat odd response to exercise, but it felt fairly natural at the time. But I’m also pretty sure I then got lotion in them later in the day, which is never comfortable, so they were hurting all day. And this morning I wake up to find the skin around them visibly swollen and puffy, which is something that has never happened to me before in my life, though lotion has gotten into them before. How weird is that. We shall see what transpires.

I slept badly again last night, though not as badly as the night before. Tonight, of course, is Friday night, when I always sleep badly, and hopefully I shall exercise again today after work, so it’ll be interesting to see what the clash of those two titans brings about.

Being so tired yesterday, I didn’t get a huge deal of work done. I wrote a page or two on ASZz, looked at a bunch of RK stuff on ebay that I didn’t buy (though was tempted to; Chou/Kamatari doujinshi, gaiz T__T), and played some Might and Magic VI. Then Zombie Girl and I ran some errands, but got so hungry that we suspended all remaining errands and came home to order pizza. Then we watched some stuff until late.

There’s a certain type of guy that drives me crazy and always has. Hah! Isn’t that an apt description of the world. But seriously. If ladies did this, it would also drive me crazy, but I’ve never encountered it in a female. It’s this tendency to refuse to speak audibly or clearly. It wouldn’t bother me at all if it seemed to spring from shyness, but it doesn’t come across that way; it comes across as total indifference to the situation and to me. I don’t know if it’s a deliberately put-on show of aloofness or what, but these guys just don’t care enough about what they’re doing to bother communicating properly.

Back when I worked at McDonald’s, this was one of my absolute least-favorite type of customers — which, at McDonald’s, is saying a lot. These guys would pull up in the drive-thru and try to deliver an order in a mumble while looking straight ahead out their windshield, and then get annoyed when we very naturally asked them to repeat every single damn thing they said. Argh, just remembering it makes me irritated all over again.

So this stupid mumbling guy comes into my work and idiotically starts trying to set up a dry cleaning order. I had to ask him every question several times, and eventually I was so annoyed with him (apart from the fact that I had three other customers waiting behind him) that I was doing whatever just to get him to leave as soon as possible. Normally we don’t like to put more than twelve pieces in an order, and anything that gets folded over a hanger, such as pants or sweaters, is bulkier than other things and therefore should be even less numerous… but I did an order of thirteen pants because I didn’t feel like dividing it up and taking more time.

Eventually he was gone and I was helping the next person, but then he came back in. He gestured to the sign in the window, which reads, Any garment cleaned and pressed / $1.75 / Suedes and leathers excluded, and said, “So I could bring in a leather jacket and get it cleaned for $1.75?”

I stared at him for a second in mild bewilderment and finally said, “Leather pieces are $32 each.”

“But the sign says $1.75,” he protested.

After another second’s bewilderment I pointed out, “It says ‘Suedes and leathers excluded.'”

Then he gave me this look that pretty clearly said, Yeah, see, you’re making my point.

Feeling it inadvisable to ask a customer directly, Are you not aware of what ‘excluded’ means, sir? I just kept staring at him. All the other customers were staring at him too.

I don’t know whether he took the point, but evidently he wasn’t liking the staring much, since he mumbled something about making a less confusing sign and not lying to customers, and left. Everyone continued staring after him for several moments, and eventually looks were exchanged among us asking, Did that really just happen?

The fifteen pairs of pants he’d dropped off were all really nice. I was hoping he was enough of a dumbass to have left money in their pockets for me, but no such luck. Ah, well.

Ah, my weird puffy eyes.