Five days in a row of successful exercising! Incidentally, when I say “exercising” I mean “walking at 3.3 MPH for half an hour and sometimes jogging for approximately two minutes.” Gotta start somewhere XD How many repetitions do they say it takes to form a habit? How much longer if you have no set time of day for doing it and kinda hate the activity in the first place? Well, the episodes definitely help. Relena is so damn hot in her riding habit; we only see her in it for, like, twenty seconds, but wow. If I went to her school, I’m afraid I would be among her cultists devoted followers too (though you wouldn’t catch me applauding the act of successfully handing over a party invitation).

I love Gundam Wing. Seriously, I do. But… but… but the canon is dumb. The setup is… OK… but everything that happens is just so silly. I can’t stop making fun of the show the entire time I’m watching it. Don’t think this means I don’t enjoy every moment of it, because I do; it’s just… stupid. It’s not as bad as, say, Weiß Kreuz, which I give the same treatment, but it’s still pretty bad.

The thing is that, just like in Weiß Kreuz, the characters and their potential interactions are awesome and endlessly interesting, so fanfiction is a must. And given that it can smooth over or avoid the silliness of canon or just go with an AU, it’s generally better than the original. Yay fanfiction!

It’s just that I don’t know if I can ever bring myself to write any long story in the canon GW setting. What Not To Do is supposed to be, but I don’t know if I can manage it! This will disappoint ZG (actually it probably won’t; she’ll move to England and forget all about my fanfiction XD), and possibly me, but it may be inevitable. Ah, well.

Last Sunday I forgot to eat anything. Then choir practice time rolled around in the evening, and when I got there I was all shaky and weak. It was very stupid. Today after I take a shower I’ma make sure to eat some food so this doesn’t happen again. And this entry is officially not very interesting, so that’s enough.

P.S. My eyes are mostly back to normal.