I haven’t felt too spectacular the last few days — mostly a relentless headache that I wish would go away. I think I’ll take some Percocet before bed tonight. Man, I seem to have had an unusual number of illy complaints lately. This, I believe, should really stop.

Anyway, I did manage to exercise today anyway; that continues successfully. And today’s episode-related thought is something that has bugged me in the past but never enough to say anything about it. Lady (given name) Une (surname)? Not only does a random selection of characters randomly throw around her given name in an odd and (in the military context) inappropriate manner, a random selection of characters also randomly throws around her full name in an odd and probably inappropriate manner. The way other characters address her, one might almost believe that “Lady Une” is actually a two-word surname if Treize didn’t sometimes call her just “Lady.” Seriously, what the hell.

Zombie Girl was supposed to come over for watchings times, but she was unable to because of all the snow in the world. This same all the snow on the world made me freeze my ass off all day, but I did get a little work done (random Saitou/Sano stories, and some TLY). Also some laundry. Now I’m tired and figure I should go to bed.