The other night I dreamed that my dad suddenly decided it would be cool to drive up into the mountains. So mom and I and dad drove up into the mountains heading for some national park up there, and on the way I was playing with my awesome phone. When we got to the park, we sat down on a nice rock ledge with a good view of a distant ginormous waterfalls.

Mom said that she wished she could go over there close to the waterfalls. I replied that I’d been about to say I wished I could fly so I could take her where she wanted to go, but if that was where then never mind, on account of that being too scary.

Then I went into the gift shop. What I really wanted was a notebook to write a story in, but I found some colored pencils and reflected that it might be cool to try to draw the waterfalls too. I opened the colored pencil box to see what colors they had, and discovered that there was a different pony on each pencil! And that the extra pencil beyond what would cover the main characters had Starswirl the Bearded! And I was like O__O How does the internet not know about this???

In a different dream (this one from last night), I was babysitting some kids. Before their mom left she told me that if I needed to keep them occupied or get them to wait patiently for dinner while it was cooking or something, all I had to do was suggest they draw this one character named Mr. something (I can’t remember); they liked drawing this character so much that they’d always do it when someone suggested it. I woke up thinking how weird and hilarious this was; it reminded me a little of, “The Earth King has invited you to visit Lake Laogai.”>

Today at work I had seven different customers named Johnson.

Incidentally, I finally put some pictures into these four Vegas posts. It’s only the pictures Lester and I took; I was trying to wait until I had all the pictures from everyone, but I realized eventually that I could wait the rest of my life on that. Whatevs.

As usual, I thought I had more to say, but I can’t think of it now.