You know what would be super awesome and cool? If this stupid headache would go away. It’s been a week or more now. Pain killer does very little to nothing. What is this.

In better news, a customer randomly gave me donut holes the other day. Also, the lady that came in just when I had ovarian cysts burst at work (back in November or whenever that was) totally remembered that incident the next time I saw her and congratulated me on not appearing to be dying anymore. Not all customers are terrible! Just most of them XD

So speaking of work. We send out laundry to a different facility, and when it comes back there’s a list I check it against to be sure it’s all there. This list is typed up by the peoples over at laundry, and between our crappy handwriting on the tickets over here and their crappy typing skills and/or careless haste over there, it’s often pretty awesome to read. The other day I was counting laundry and came to an order for a customer named Reavis. This is a regular customer, and their name is often spelled “Beavis” on the laundry list. But this time, instead, it was spelled “Beans.” It startled me into actually laughing out loud.

Wow, I am so tired and sore today. I was out late last night with Zombie Girl. I will not miss one single moment I can spend with her when she is leaving so soon. I should really make a post about that at some point… LODITEE…

OK, I’m done.