So let’s have that Zombie Girl LODITEE entry already. Zombie Girl is, of course, my ex-girlfriend I’ve never quite gotten over and my best friend evar. We met online a few years ago and have been getting along like the proverbial house on fire ever since, dating or otherwise. And soon she will go away.

She’s going to move to England this summer and marry a dude over there. At first this was just a convenient arrangement that would get her a marriage visa, but the more she and this guy talked, the more they liked each other, until they decided they want to try for an actual relationship to go along with the paperwork. So yay for them.

I find now that this entry is even more difficult to type out than I’d anticipated. I’m going to miss her so damn much, and I don’t have the energy to explain all the reasons why. There are a lot of thems. Lots of selfish reasons to wish she wouldn’t go.

I just hope she’ll be happy. If she’s not… if she’s unhappy over there while I’m unhappily missing her over here… I don’t know what I’ll do.