Ach, I’ve gotten into one of those not-writing-in-journal ruts again, haven’t I? Fail. Well, let’s have an entry.

Working on ASZz, I keep smarting for lack of the RK volume 2 tankoubon, so I went to ebay (again) in case someone might happen to have it up. And I found someone selling all the volumes for about $100. This is money I should not have spent, especially since I have more than half the series, but I’m just so damn tired of searching for the one volume I need and coming back to do it all over again when I need another one I don’t have. This will allow me just not to think about it anymore, so yay. Oh, and I suppose I can sell off my duplicates.

Anyway, ASZz chapter is progressing well. Extremely well. Like, 3/4 finished well. Except guess what. I need freaking volume 2.

Yesterday at work was the Slowest Day Evar; there were at least two 40-minute periods during which not one single person came in, even to pick up. Of course as soon as I tried to eat my lunch five dropping-off customers appeared out of nowhere like magic, but I think that was the biggest rush of the day. I wrote a bunch of TLY and then a bunch of ASZz and then some of little Plastic-world story, and at that point I still had two hours left of my shift XD

Today I’m kindof expecting a backlash; it’s certainly already been a lot busier, but usually if it’s going to pick up it does so at around noon. Still, probably best to get to my other points and get this posted before I’m forced to wait until after work.

Has anything in the world, ever, been more meta than The Pirate King? Every time I think about it, it makes me giggle drunkenly.

I keep forgetting to mention this. Not too long ago, Zombie Girl and I were driving along running her errands as usual when her grandma called. Says grandma, “I was just held hostage by a gunman at the doctor’s office.” Says we, “O___O” It was on the news later, and all over the internet (e.g.). Unexpected.

ZG was over until all hours last night. We watched ponies and read hilarious badfic and it was awesome.

Aight, I think that’s it for now.