Today is another pretty slow day at work. It wouldn’t feel quite so slow if the machine weren’t down… the result of that is that Brandie, who’s usually in back for most of Saturday running loads of clothes, has instead been up here with me all day helping customers and tagging. There’s really no reason for both of us to be here, but we have to wait for the boss to come back before either of us can leave.

The good news is that this setup = getting paid to write about Heero and Duo and their eternal lurve. I’ve just hit linear completion in this Plastic-world story, so good jobon that. Makes me extremely anxious to get home and work on it properly on the computer. ASZz too has made very good progress. My volume 2 came, so yesterday I got a good chunk of that done and am almost to linear completion there as well. Yay! I can’t work on it at work, though, on account of not having the proper files to reference on my phone. On mah phone.

Speaking again of work. Dear customers,

Firstly. “I don’t know” is not an appropriate response to “Do you want these dry cleaned or laundered?”

Secondly. It is very annoying when you pull up and sit in your car on your phone for ten minutes before coming in, because it prevents me from doing anything useful since I know you could come in at any time.

It is also very annoying when you come in on your phone, since (aside from the fact that you’re never talking about anything interesting) it makes it difficult to do business with you.

Yes, these behaviors are both annoying. However. FUCKING PICK ONE. Sitting in your car for ten minutes and then coming in still on your phone makes me think you’re deliberately trying to give me a rage headache.

Love (haha),

this faery

Now I think I will stop writing this and write something else.