I neglected the treadmill for two days in a row, and then walked yesterday, and now my left leg is all sore, mou. But since I’m cramping anyway (because it’s that week), what’s a little more pain killer? Whatevs.

Has anyone else watched the leaked first episode of The Legend of Korra? Because asdfghjklruwieduhewh SO MUCH LOVE. It reminded me of Cowboy Bebop, which I did not expect. Now I have to wait a freaking month for more WHAT WILL I DOOOOO.

Yesterday was freakishly busy at work, on account of the machine is back up (knock on wood) and all the customers came in to pick up their delayed orders and drop off telve billion more. I’m expecting another day like that today, but this place is impossible to predict. If we turn out to be slow, I shall work on ASZz.

Speaking of writing… expect a small Plastic-world story later this week, and brace for pop culture reference. I’d like to have a picture to go with it, but I’m having the damndest time finding decent photo refs to work from for the moment I want to draw. Ah, if only Mostle and Jakebii were around…

OK, I’d better wrap this up before the very act of composing a journal entry jinxes me and it gets miserably busy again.