Here it is a typical Saturday where I am dull and tired. It would be awesome to have a dfferent type of Saturday for once, but that does not seem to be my destiny. Ah, well.

ASZz chapter is one paragraph away from linear completion. I would have reached it yesterday, but I got pulled away. So maybe I will be able to finish it tomorrow. I need to work on TLY, too, so I guess we’ll see.

New work pet peeve in development: “This should come right out.” It’s a subset of “I don’t think this got cleaned at all.” This last assumption is a longtime favorite of mine, but recently I’ve been hearing a lot of “This should come right out” from people that have no idea how dry cleaning works and are not qualified to state what should or shouldn’t come right out. They arbitrarily decide that there’s no possible reason a particular stain would not have been removed by the dry cleaning process (no matter how many times they’ve been told that dry cleaning is borderline ineffectual against water-soluble stains), and therefore, because the stain is still there, the piece can’t possibly have been run.

Oh, velvet track suits. What are people thinking.

Aight, only two more hours!