Yesterday was madly busy at work. When I came in, the gal I was relieving said, “Oh, it’s Spring Break, and that’s always really slow.” Hah! We did almost seventy orders of three or more pieces (I didn’t count the one- and two-piece orders). This is apparently nothing compared to the days when the store was extremely busy, but since I’ve only been here in later times, it was really busy to me.

Today had been less so, which is nice. Not for business, of course, but more relaxing for me (and writing fanfiction). One thing I wonder, though… Why is it that whenever you tell a customer something is impossible, they start telling you all about what a good customer they are and how long they’ve been coming to you? “Wow, fifteen years, ma’am? Well, I’m sure when physics hears that, something will change and we’ll be able to get that done for you right away!”

Well, I get to see Zombie Girl after work, so good jobon that. We will watch some stuff and have badfic reading timez, yay! On Friday she goes to England for a two-and-a-half-week visit, so I suppose that will be good practice for me doing without her. Mou.

Now I don’t think I have anything else to say.

Oh! Except that I started my March art exchange piece finally, and, depending on how the colors turn out, I may actually like it enough to post it somewhere other than the art exchange site… which would be the first time in about a million months XD