Aight, I grabbed an lj app for my phone so I don’t have to go aaaaallllll the way into the browser and wait for lj to load whenever I want to post or whatevs. This is my test post; we’ll see whether or not I like the way it works. If I do, I’ll probably post more frequently (and with even more pointless nonsense).

Yesterday I took Zombie Girl to the Denver airport so she could fly to England. Ah, mujou. Perhaps I can have some stuff she’ll want to read finished by the time she gets back; that would be a good jobon me.

Speaking of chapters ZG wants to read, I had a breakthrough in WNTD (which I’ve been calling “Wanted” lately on account of those initials). It came after watching the specific GW episode I was pretty sure would give me this specific breakthrough, so nice work on my powers of foresight. Anyway, that’s going to let me finish this chapter finally and move on to the next one. Yay! Maybe sometime this decade we’ll actually see that story.

I dreamed last night that my uncle was hosting a huge, all-day party at a mall with a big arcade. After the party’s opening ceremonies, I was excitedly starting to explore the place, but my uncle said to me, “We’re going to be playing D&D in this room the entire time; there’s a seat for you, but you have to come now.”

I didn’t mind going to play D&D, but I wanted to look around first. But before I got a chance to ask if I could join in later, this girl nearby interpreted my hesitance as desire not to play, and took my place. So I wandered around and looked at things. I found a bookstore in the mall and went in there, and then I played video games for the rest of the time. There was one game I had almost finished — I think it was an old TMNT game — when the party was drawing to an end in the evening. Then the closing ceremonies prevented me from winning the game. Too bad.

So I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but recently someone left a hundred dollars bill in the pocket of a pair of pants she brought in to be dry cleaned. How do you do that and not notice? You sure as hell wouldn’t see me down a hundred bucks and not aware of it.