Yesterday when I was treading the mill, I swung my arm in some weird way and smacked it into a protruding part of the treadmill. There is no visible bruise, but it hurts at the slightest touch — to the point where I can’t wear a bracelet on that wrist because even something that light is painful. This is inordinately interesting on me.

Yesterday I finally managed to get my room cleaned. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing that, but when that “sometimes” extends for months it gets a little horrible in there. Ah, how I long for the day when I can leave that house forever. It would be easier to keep my things neat if my apartment-sized life weren’t packed into a single bedroom.

A customer left a golf ball in his pocket, and I think it glows in the dark. Yay glow-in-the-dark golf ball for meeeeeee. Perhaps Waybee will like it too ^___^