There’s this business not too far from where I live, between my house and work, called “Your Tax Lady.” It’s been there for a surprising number of years; I wouldn’t have thought a physical location devoted to helping people with their taxes could possibly last that long, but whatever.

So Your Tax Lady advertises via litte Burma-Shave-style signs at the side of the road near the shopping center she inhabits. And today I happened to glance over in time to see two of these signs in succession, reading, “As large as can be” and “Your tax lady.” I have to assume there was a sign that I missed that said something about a refund, but it’s way more entertaining to think that the largeness of my tax lady has become a selling point.

Speaking of entertaining… or maybe just weird… I had a customer come in and say that he didn’t want his jeans pressed after they were cleaned. I told him I could write out a tag for them that said, “Do not press,” but that I honestly doubted the folks in back would see the tag in time not to press the jeans, since pressing happens pretty automatically after cleaning. “Do not press” is not a request we get… well, ever, really.

Customer starts yelling at me about how this isn’t complicated and he’s saving us work, and I reiterate that I’d be glad to tag them but I can’t guarantee they won’t be pressed. He states that he’s brought them here several times and they’ve never been pressed, and I don’t bother replying that the last two times I took his order in, I did not put a “Do not press” tag on them (because with the way he worded it I just thought he meant he didn’t want a center crease), so they have, in fact, been pressed at least twice. Eventually he declares that he’ll just take them somewhere else because it’s not that hard. He’s managed a dry cleaner in the past and it’s just not that hard, and “I can’t believe you people.”

So there’s one I’ll be glad not to see again. Yeesh.

Oh, it’s stopped snowing. Crap. Now I bet I’ll get more business up in here.