You know, the reason I started treadmill-walking every day was not so I could make fun of rewatch Gundam Wing, but because I hoped it would help me have more energy on a regular basis. Granted, I don’t manage to do it every single day, because sometimes (particularly Saturdays) I’m just too tired; and I’m still only walking at 3.3 mph for the length of a single episode… but I thought an increased level of activity would have some effect… I am so tired of being tired all the time. So fucking tired.

On a happier note, I made good HR progress yesterday. I’ve had to divide the current chapter into halves, which didn’t entirely surprise me. Chapter standard may creep up a bit, at least for a while… as long as it doesn’t jump four pages like ASZz did, that’s fine XD

I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom yesterday; what a productive day! Well, I didn’t touch the floor, ’cause I figured on doing that along with the hallway at another time. You see, Mostle and Jakebii are coming tomorrow!! That is the best!

Now I will try to work on HR and curse every customer that comes in to force me to earn my paycheck. Ugh. So tired.