A customer came in today whose last name was “Dilda.” I had to restrain a number of rude comments that he has undoubtedly heard many times before during the course of his life.

One of the orthodontists for whom I interned back in the dark ages came in today and dropped off a bunch of gross-collared shirts (not that the state of his shirts has anything to do with anything; just an observation); he’s never been in before while I’ve worked there, apparently because he usually goes to a different location. I was pretty pleased to see him; he was always cool.

I also got two semi-flirtatious butt-swats (one today, one the other day) from a lady that’s one of our nicest regular customers. I ordered two new pairs of jeans online recently, and she was noticing them. I mean, to me they were semi-flirtatious butt-swats, but I figure that on her end it was just playful whatever. Though, honestly, I’m not sure how non-flirtatious a butt-swat is capable of being; there’s a certain baseline there. Anyway, it made me grin.

In non-work news, I have an HR chapter almost finished… it’s been at linear completion for a while, but is taking an anomalous level of editing. Not that anyone’s going to read it anyway XD And my one complaint of the day (because there has to be one, but it gets to be tacked on at the end in the same paragraph as good news) is that, though I have resumed my treadmill-walking, I have yet to get a decent night’s sleep. Ah, well. La la la la la.