Zombie Girl sent me a postcard while she was away; it arrived two days after she did. It is a Niagara Falls postcard that she found in a vintage shop in England, so of course there was no way she could resist buying it and sending it to me. My favorite part is one of the lines in the printed description of the venue: “The voyagers are swathed in oilskins as a defense from the saturating spray and the spectacle of the mighty volume of water, passing over the precipice 160 feet above, to fall in thunder on the rocks below is as magnificent as it is impressive.” Seriously, this is my new favorite sentence evar.

Pookster et al are here briefly. This morning, Deedle and his cousin (who is also five-ish) were around, and cousin took all my blindbag ponies to play with. Since I got home from work, I’ve found two of them; we’ll see if I ever lay eyes on the others again XD

I so hate it when I’m on a roll writing and it becomes time to do something else. I haven’t walked the treadmill for the last three days (and am pretty well guaranteed to miss it again tomorrow); do I skip it tonight in favor of this chapter, or be a good walker and leave the excellent progress I’m making in order to get some exercise? Mou.

In any case, I’m done with this entry.