Coffee allergy isn’t common enough to make it feasible to expect people not to carry their stupid coffee into places, but I still wish I could put up a big freaking sign at work that says, “Please do not bring that nasty stuff in here and wave it under my nose!” Some days are better than others… this morning a customer had his coffee with him, and I got an instant headache that didn’t go away for hours.

I dreamed about Disneyland, and Deedle was there. I also dreamed about being a masked hero (in a tuxedo) that helped children. Then I dreamed I was babysitting some kids. I was governess for an older gal too, and she was getting married. I threatened her fiance, in perfect seriousness, with death if he was unkind to her.

Then I bought a new deck of tarot cards, and the reading I did for myself informed me that my life is currently influenced by a lack of children. Imagine that XD

Because it’s been, like, a million days since I last wrote in my journal, a number of things besides these have happened worth documenting. However, I can’t remember a damned one of them. So this is all for now.