After that practically nonexistent winter and the driest April evar, I’d kinda despaired of getting any moisture around here, but today it is finally a lovely rainy day. I hoped to be able to watch it in peace, but customers kept coming in to spoil it. (That’s ungenerous of me; the customers were, in general, very well-timed today).

Yesterday I made good plans on ASZz, and then, unexpectedly, some decent progress on Blood Contingency. I revamped (da ha ha ha) the existing chapters and then wrote some on the chapter after next, so good jobon that. Also I’ve been working on some pony arts lately. Yay!

Parents and Lesta are at Disneyland RIGHT NOW. I am jealous. It’s kinda cool to get texts from someone currently on a Disneyland ride, though.

I dreamed that Zombie Girl and I were at a restaurant for a dinner celebrating the end of something or other. As we were waiting for our food, we drove off in her truck (which was apparently not going to cause any problems in getting our order). We went to a church building to meet my family, and when I was running inside to see if they were done with whatever they’d been doing, a small tyrannosaurus rex chased me.

The t-rex was about six and a half feet tall, and very stupid. I managed to confuse (and therefore elude) it, as I ran back to the truck, by flapping my trench coat at it. Then ZG and I sat in the truck looking on in wonder as the t-rex stupidly chased a smaller dinosaur around and over the truck and off to another side of the building.

I couldn’t leave until I’d seen my family safely out. While waiting for them, however, we observed a couple of guys violently wrestling a third into the back of their car and forcing him into a box or suitcase. This was clearly an abduction, so we ran over there to intervene. One of the bad guys had a length of pipe, but I completely ignored it as I started asking him if he’d seen the t-rex in the parking lot. I was kinda gushing about it, and as he listened to me he gradually set the pipe down.

ZG had taken care of the other guy, and now was helping the victim out of the suitcase or whatever it was. Seeing that my target was distracted by talk of dinosaurs, I grabbed the pipe and knocked him down with it, then started hitting him repeatedly. “Why would you believe a story like that?” I demanded derisively. “The funny thing is that it happens to be true, but normally? Dinosaurs? What kind of an idiot are you?” I am sometimes very mean in my dreams. That was the end of this one.

Today I get to see Zombie Girl! I am pleased.