I dreamed I was at Disneyland (ZOMG SHOCK), and I was going to go on a teacup ride. It turned out to be a smaller, more badly-run, less fun teacup ride than the real teacup ride. I asked a gal that worked there whether the real thing was still around, and she said she thought it was — but evidently this Disneyland was so huge that employees in one area heard the news from other areas only as a distant rumor, so she wasn’t sure.

So I set out looking for the real teacup ride, but on the way I had to stop and comfort a little girl. She had heard a “Beauty and the Beast” story different from the Disney version, and was having a very hard time understanding why whoever had told the story had told it so incorrectly. This mirrored a conversation I once had with a real little girl in life, wherein I attempted to explain the concept of stories with no definite, single author and different versions thereof. The girl in my dream understood; the real girl didn’t XD

This was a much better plot than my previous Disneyland dream, where I spent most of my time looking for a ziplock bag to put my phone in so it wouldn’t get wet in the watery areas of the park XD

My peoples are back from Disneyland. I wish I had gone to Disneyland. Instead, I’ve had a hugely busy week so far at work, and I have to work a full day tomorrow instead of my usual partial. Mou. Also! Yesterday! after thirty or so minutes of zero customers that had me thinking the rest of the day was going to be rather slow, it became lunch time. And the instant I took the first bite of my lunch samich, TWENTY-TWO CUSTOMERS appeared right in a row. It took me forty minutes to eat my damn lunch.

What shall I work on today? I suppose we’ll see. I should probably vacuum my room but that’s probably not going to happen. Anyway, time to be productive in some way or other.