Turns out we’re closed on Monday. This was unexpected, since we haven’t gotten much in the way of little holidays off since I started here just under a year ago. It’s pretty awesome, too, because it means I’ll have that day for this madness I’ve embarked upon.

As for an update on that… well, it’s still madness, but the story has doubled in length in the last week or so, meaning it’s almost halfway done. Still madness, but promising madness, I guess. I do have an art exchange piece to finish by the end of the month too, and so far that card I pulled and its interpretation seem fairly accurate… so I’m not counting on this working. But I’m trying anyway. Just in case.

There was a bee in the store when I got here, and I spent an hour trying to usher her outside. Why do they have to be so stupid. They come inside and then bump against the windows trying to get back out until they die. The moths I can just pick up and carry out, but bees I don’t dare.

So this lady came in with a couple of sweaters. One she wanted to dry clean, and she asked me if I knew of anyone that might want the other. I suggested Goodwill. “Well, it’s a Talbots silk sweater,” she sneered. “I wanted to give it to someone who would, you know, appreciate it.” And I was like -__- Lady, if you’re looking for snobs, you might want to go somewhere other than the $1.75 dry cleaner. But I guess neither Goodwill employees nor customers appreciate donations; what was I thinking?

I think that’s about all for now.