I’ve been working on this story pretty non-stop, and it’s, like, 2/3 done now. How awesome is that? Anyway, as a break, I decided to do this meme that I love :D

1. Put your playlist on random.
2. Post a line from the first 45.
3. Get your friends to guess what song the line belongs to
4. Give credit when someone guesses correctly.

OK, this time I skipped song so I’d get 45 different artists. (Actually I can’t guarantee that I remembered whom I’d already done by the time I got down to the end, but I did try). Comments are screened.

1. Kimi no kao ga toozakaru / ah boku ga boku de naku naru mae ni (Guessed by uninformed)
2. Die Lanze muss im Fleisch ertrinken / Fisch und Mann zur Tiefe sinken
3. You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk (Guessed by femaleshinigami)
4. Oh, we make an early start filling up our color carts
5. And I ain’t got no money and-and I ain’t got no hair (Guessed by sharona1x2)
6. Now I’m standing proud, hyping the crowd / Bust my style / I got wild wild wild wild
7. Tonight you’ll sleep / You’ll feel what might become of me, my dear
8. I feel the tension in my lungs, and every move is fueled by my resolve
9. Said that you’ll be mine, said that you’ll be mine, said that you’ll be mine, baby all the time
10. I tried to hold you, but the moon got in the way
11. You can’t exchange a six inch band for all the poisoned streams in Cumberland
12. I tiptoe to and fro from Ontario / my stereo’s blue like the rodeo
13. And I’ve thought to myself, is that very same moon shinin’ on you, like it’s shinin’ on me? (Guessed by crystal_lilly)
14. Dreaming and hoping, hoping that dreams come true / you’re my religion, girl
15. Nights without end seem to bleed into days / try to forget that it turned out this way
16. Wovezwa nini umzamo Sengi khumble kuwe / wobanani? / wobanani amehlo am
17. Give me peace / give me sweet, sweet peace so I can do my thing
18. Tooi yoake made yorisotte sugoshitai yo / nanimokamo nakushite mo yasashisa dake nakusazu ni
19. These curious moments of shattered clarity, stained, sentient portraits of our damaged sanity
20. Every step of the way will find us with the cares of the world far behind us
21. Drag me off before I set my world on fire / out and gone, the sun will never set tonight
22. There’s nowhere unless you’re there, all the time, all the way (Guessed by sharona1x2)
23. I built my life upon every breath that I take / there will be no regret as long as I won’t forget
24. Hört auf damit den Boden der Vernichtung zu nähr’n / denn wenn du alleine bist wird dich keiner hör’n
25. Bright is the moon high in starlight / chill in the air, cold as steel tonight
26. Are you hungry? Won’t you come get your fill? We could put this thing in motion if you’d stop acting tough
27. Just beyond the churchyard gates where the grass is overgrown, I saw the writing on her stone
28. The day I take a bend too fast, judgement that could be my last, I’ll be wiped right off the slate
29. Setting the pace in the place / volume up, driving them insane / oh, that’s right
30. And fearlessly you deny your involvement in my demise, but give me your open hand
31. Que no puedo vivir sin tu amor y cuando no estas no hay felicidad
32. Breathing your perfume chills me / dreams never lie / is it true, asking you?
33. I can’t see your souls through through your eyes, the crying walls of sliding architecture
34. You say you don’t trust him because he been locked up / you say that he’s trouble
35. Dripping with alchemy / shiver, stop shivering
36. And cancer, the great teacher, has been opening schools downstream from every factory
37. Dare ga na kakabe wa narabu toki / dare ga na hikage wa narabu toki
38. Flashback, warm nights almost left behind / suitcase of memories (Guessed by kelkatan)
39. We keep thinking life is what it’s not / we keep building this impossible facade
40. Baby Sou sa itoshii sono sugata ga donna toki ni mo boku wo sasou
41. My eyes were open but I just couldn’t see the way the world works without honesty
42. I can’t see why people disagree each time I tell them what I know is true
43. Sound like a waverunner, wild mother, funky drummer / you can get it how you wanna
44. Fui num feriado pra Caruaru conheci uma gostosa e enchi a cara de Pitu
45. There are no extra people in a mansion or a ghetto / each heart and soul is counted