How to send the lady at the dry cleaner into a frothing rage:

1. Have a wedding

2. Have a wedding feast with 31 tables

3. Cover these 31 tables with glitter, little plastic jewels, sparkly confetti, dessert mints, noodles, spaghetti sauce, and stupid little bubble-blowing devices

4. After the event, fold up all 31 tablecloths right over all of the above WITHOUT BOTHERING TO SWEEP ANY OF IT OFF THE TABLES

5. Pack up these 31 glitter-bombs in a couple of trash bags

6. Send a friend that has no idea these Poe-damned tablecloths are FULL OF SHIT to the dry cleaner to drop them off for cleaning so she doesn’t know that it might be nice to FUCKING SHAKE THEM OUT OUTSIDE or at least WARN THE FUCKING DRY CLEANER in advance


Seriously, I don’t even get angry all that much, but this? I mean, really? Boss and I were both so annoyed about the mess on the floor, which we didn’t even have time to deal with for about 45 minutes, that we kept bursting out swearing at random intervals.

In other news, I just survived Week Ten full of massive headaches. Migraines run in the family, but I’ve never gotten them (thank Tolkien)… but these, I believe, were edging into migraine territory. This is not usually a symptom of my periods, but what can you do? I’m back on my pills as of yesterday, of course, so now the headaches are dying down, though they’re not entirely gone yet (and the above-mentioned bullshit at work, in addition to a couple other frustrating circumstances today, did not help).

Aaaanyway, in large part because of this I’m really glad Sharon was able to extend the contest deadline. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the story last week because of those stupid headaches, but now I’m fine for that. Yay! I was sad before at the story’s lack of cooperation, since I did want to have something for the contest, and now I am well pleased. I don’t know why it suddenly decided to cooperate after a year of not wanting to be worked on, but I’m not complaining :D

I’ll be happy when it’s done, though, since everything else has been on hold for the duration. Seeing Red, Blood Contingency, Aku Soku Zan(za), Heretic’s Reward, and, of course, TLY have all been bugging me lately, and I’ve had to keep putting them off XD

I finally did get to see Zombie Girl on Wednesday last, after she’d canceled on me three times in a row. We watched Aliens, which I had never seen and she had been trying to get me to watch for telve thousand years. It was pretty good. Supposedly I will see her again tomorrow and we will probably watch some other stuff, but nobody can know whether or not it will actually happen.

Oh, and I went to the doctor on Thursday to get my thyroid checked. The bruise still hasn’t disappeared from my elbow. Still waiting on the results. Cross your fingers for me.

Aaargh, those fucking tablecloths.

OK, I think I’m done with this entry.