All these things I need to document are piling up, and I’d really better get on that before I start forgetting them. Hell, I’m already forgetting them now as I try to recall what-all I need to write about, mou. I’m kinda spacy and maybe a little grouchy? And blah blah. So let’s cut this.

I dreamed that one of my former co-workers and I went in to the dry cleaner and bullied our former boss into letting us help him hand out clothes to customers without pay. It was a very sad dream.

Then I dreamed that I was Perseus, and I was going through a labyrinth to kill a dragon with a sword. I had some little girl and some teenage guy with me, but I told them to get back when the dragon appeared. It was fairly small, and bit me a couple of times like a snake. I had made myself some wings out of duct tape, and apparently had also borrowed Hermes’ shoes? Then there was something to do with low-hanging stars, and… I don’t know.

So the other day I was going to take Lesta to work at some unholy hour, when he discovered that he actually needed to be there half an hour earlier and was therefore going to miss his shuttle. The plan then changed to his taking the next shuttle up, two hours later, so I got to go back to bed for a while. But, you see, cat had been sunngling warmly and sweetly next to me until I disturbed her by getting up at that unnatural time; when I went back to bed she was even more annoyed at me than before, since it turned out I’d disturbed her placid sneep for no good reason.

So instead of curling up with me again, she went to Lester’s door and started yowling as loudly as her little head could manage, which is pretty damn loud. Eventually — like, after five minutes of this — he let her in and she quieted, but it was so funny and random for her to do that at all that I was laughing aloud at her even as I went (partially) back to sleep.

Zombie Girl and I had an experience recently that I totally neglected to mention. We were driving along through the Wal-Mart parking lot, where we intended to park. ZG, in the passenger seat, had her window open, and through it we heard a woman yelling. She was up on the sidewalk next to the million carts, and she seemed to be yelling out into the parking lot at absolutely nobody. She very distinctly had the air of a mad crazy person, and what she was yelling was completely unintelligible.

Then, as we continued past her and past the entrance, we noticed a row of, like, six dudes sitting on a bench beside that door singing an awesome a capella song. Wondering what on earth we’d done to merit encountering two such (evidently unrelated) items at the same time, I drove back around hoping to see each again. On the second pass, it became apparent that they were not, in fact, unrelated; the woman was actually yelling at the singing dudes, but I guess was too crazy to face them while she was yelling most of the time.

Finally, though, we managed to hear some of what she had to say. “You think I owe you something, but I don’t owe you anything. You’re dragging out something you never lived through and trying to express it through church music, but that’s not real church music.” I can’t remember the rest, but she was bitter and still not exactly coherent. Sadly, the dudes didn’t have a donation box out or anything; they were just awesome guys singing for everyone for free. But yeah. Cool time at Wal-Mart.

So I’ve enrolled in a school to get a veterinary technician’s degree. Animals wot. I have one more appointment on Monday to finish talking about finances and shit, and then that will be all set up and I will start looking for another job. Ugh. Have I ever mentioned how I feel about job-hunting.

Oh, these headaches lately. Also I’m hella tired today on account of Zombie Girl came over yesterday and we marathoned Sherlock. Which was great but then I went to bed at, like, 2AM. And headaches. These headaches have been coming and going routinely since they started back whenever they started, and I wish they would go and not come back.

My mom bought me an awesome piece of paper and I started to make an awesome picture on it. Unfortunately, I need more of one particular color (well, and probably others, but this one ran out first), and the only place in town to get these pencils is on the other end of creation. Not that I can really be spending money on these things right now. It just annoys me to leave this project sitting looking so nice and not doing anything to it.

Writing-wise, I’ve been working mostly on Seeing Red lately (and by lately I mean “since I finished that contest fic”). AND OH HEY GUESS WHAT. I finally decided on an over-title for that universe. Ya fish.

I am so tired of making this entry.