The mandatory evacuation for our neighborhood has been lifted. However, since it’s only fallen back to pre-evac status and we’d really rather not get re-evacuated after getting settled in again, we’re hanging around here for a couple more days. We’ll probably head home Monday, but it kinda depends on the status of things at home. The fire is still not above 15% contained, and over 300 residences in nearby neighborhoods have been completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in this massively uncomfortable chair at my grandma’s computer beta-reading a story. The chair may be the death of me. Actually, I may have to seek out a video game elsewhere before that happens.

Cat has ventured no farther than ten feet out of this room. Yesterday my grandma’s dog, Hagrid the great dane, came in, and cat reacted in the same manner as she did to the bear the other day XD Poor waybee. At least she can roam around this room and look out the window; she seems relatively content.

I think I’ll use a cheerful Saitou & Sano icon on this post.