The fire is up to 55% containment, and they expect it to be fully contained by the 11th. Apparently only about 3,000 people have not been allowed to return to their homes, but at least half of those have got to be because they have no homes to return to. All evacuated areas are still on pre-evac, but we feel OK about going home today.

I am tired of not being home. This is a very natural result of spending just about any amount of time at my grandma’s house, but usually I was looking forward to going in the first place XD I will be very happy to get home, even if it does turn out to be full of smoke. Cat will be even happier.

Meanwhile, there are contest fics to read. I read quite a few yesterday, but today I probably won’t read as many since we listen to recorded book whilst we drive along.

This adventure is almost over. Cross your fingers for me.