Koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni

It’s taken to raining fairly regularly over the last few days, and our fire is almost completely contained. Good jobon those firefighters. The other day, for that Fourth, we were planning on going to a fundraiser concert thing that was being held out at the World Arena for fire victims and whatnot, but the tickets were all gone.

So instead we went to Denver to go to the zoo. These two activities being quite similar, you see. Somehow we always go out there and eat first and then go to the zoo, and between the languid car-ride up there, eating first, and the usual warmth of the weather on such days, I’m always drowsy and kinda blah at the zoo. Which is sad, because I love the zoo. Anyway, I took exactly two pictures there, and if you look closely at them you will see the brilliant appropriateness of combination that my gigantic brain came up with for picture-taking times.

That same day and ever since, an unexpected GW story has decided it wants to be worked on. I totally reworked the format from what I had planned and wrote, like, ten pages. That was good times! Yesterday in particular I was extremely productive.

Today, though, I mostly watched various Yahtzee videos (YOU GUYS I DID NOT KNOW HE DID LET’S PLAYS WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS *__*) for, like, four hours, and then played various video games inspired by watching various Yahtzee videos, and then finally, eventually, got to work on a picture I am drawing.

Did I mention I totally unnecessarily spent $10 on colored pencils the other day? That’s four colored pencils, in case anyone’s curious. And it turns out I already had Umber 252 21 and could have saved myself $2.50. And they weren’t unnecessary as far as the current project goes, but they were definitely unnecessary in that I, unemployed bastard that I am, did not need them to survive. Oh, yeah, and that reminds me that I can request unemployment moneys I’ll probably never actually see.

Also the other day, I went over to my old work to say hi to Lynn and see if the fire had affected him and Zina at all. I found that they’ve moved all remaining clothes up to the north store and closed mine up entirely. So I headed up to the north store, and managed to catch Lynn just as he was stopping by. Apparently he’s been taking in clothes still and just trucking them all down to his brother’s store across town and cleaning them there. So he’s actually making some money at the moment, which is really good, though I can’t see it being anything more than a temporary fix. Still, that means he’s doing OK for now, which is good news. Oh, and they don’t live anywhere near the dangerous areas, so the fire didn’t affect them. Which is also good news.

Aight, enough of this. Back to that picture.

2 thoughts on “Koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni

  1. I am dying to draw! What kind of pencils do you buy? I “stocked up” on replacements for the “color dictionary” set I bought years ago in Japan, but they were only a buck twenty or so a pop.

    GW ficcage! I want to write, too! I just, you know, have trouble getting fingers to keyboard. or fingers to outline. Rewriting to change POV is such a tremendous pain in the butt to me! Or tense (but I don’t think that’s ever actually happened)

    1. Cretacolor Aqua Monoliths; I’m still madly in love with them. I can get them online for the same price as at the art store, but online, of course, I have to pay shipping and wait for them to arrive. Whereas the art store is on the other side of the planet town and takes forever to get to, but at least I can have pencils the same day.

      Yeah, you’re still staying at people’s homes until you settle, aren’t you? I sometimes have difficulties getting into the right mood for writing at someone else’s house.

      I have a tendency to jump forward in stories I’m excited about and write scenes I’m excited about far ahead of where I’m actually working in a linear sense. And not infrequently, when I reach that scene I’ve written ahead of time, I find that I need it from someone else’s POV than what I wrote. So I am no stranger to rewriting for POV.

      To change tense not so much, since I almost never write in anything but past tense for longer stories. I did actually change one for that recently, though; it’s a story that alternates between events in the 1800’s and events in modern times, and I decided to put the modern parts in present tense to further emphasize the difference between the two storylines.

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