Unemployment is sometimes good for some creative things, but one very bad effect it has on me is giving me far too much time to sit at a computer. I’m normally sitting at the computer during most of my spare time, but at this point that’s essentially all my time… and my carpal tunnels do not appreciate this.

So the other day, aching madly, I decided to ban myself from the computer for as long as I can stand it. Fortunately, I happen to be working on a large picture that I’m extremely pleased with (the one I spent those ten dollars on the other day), so I’ve done a lot on that. It’s still the hottest summer we’ve ever had, and watercolor dries really fast outside, which means I can work on this piece almost continually with none of that tedious waiting-around-for-it-to-dry nonsense that usually accompanies Aqua Monolith pictures.

The problem with this activity is that Tokio, who is not allowed outside, wants to come outside — or at least wants me to come back in and do what I normally do so she can do what she normally does (doze nearby ignoring me). She’ll sit at the patio door where I, seated on the porch, can easily see her, and meow piteously every time I look in that direction. And sometimes she’ll scrabble at the door with her sweet little paws, and it’s just too much for me; I have to come inside and sunngle her.

Then one day I went to Zombie Girl’s house and spent the night. Cat was soOoOo unhappy. When I came home, I sat on my bed so she could sit next to me and reestablish her ownership, and she did — for, like, four hours, while I alternately dozed and played Quest for Glory.

Speaking of Quest for Glory, let’s talk about Quest for Glory.

So I tend to replay the first two games ad nauseum, the third one not much, the fourth one less, and the fifth one almost never. But since I got this lovely phone (♥) I have been replaying all the adventure games I can get to work on here via SCUMM, AGS, or DosBox, and I thought a runthrough of the dear old QfG series was a good idea. Of course DF won’t play on here, so we’ll be moving on to something else after Mordavia, but what can you do.

So my wizard was running around Spielburg doing his thang, killing multitudes of goblins and standing around all night grinding spells. And by the time I won the game he had 100-some gold and 1,800 silver.

And then it turns out that my AGS app won’t run the TBF remake, so I have to play the original. Which is fine, because, while the remake is awesome, the original is still, like, the greatest game EVAR. Only the original wouldn’t read the .sav export file processed through the SCUMM app. And I was like, OH HELL NO, I am not giving up all that money and spell skill I worked so hard for.

So I went into the original of the first game and Razzle Dazzle Root Beered up a character with stats to match the one I’d so carefully developed. The problem was that when you go to alter your character’s money count that way, it only gives you a three-digit input box. And you can’t enter a number of gold coins; you can only add them one at a time. So unless I wanted to sit there tediously adding gold coins to his inventory all day to make up for what I couldn’t give him, I was stuck with only about half as much silver as I’d legitimately earned. (Of course most of the gold had come from the baron, so I just cheated my way through the achievements that prompt him to give it to you, and came out about even there). Anyway, then I finished the game with about 125/500 points (XD cheating) and made an export file I could use for TBF.

Of course I was disappointed at leaving half my silvers behind, but that’s silly because of the money issues in Shapier anyway. I always make a point of spending all my money before I go to Rasier (usually by buying small pots, because that’s hilarious) because once you’re thrown in jail the Rasier guards take all the money you have, and I don’t want to give those bastards any more than I have to. It’s freaking annoying how stupid Omar gives you 100 freaking dinars right before you leave the city, and by then the shops are all closed so you can’t go spend it all on more small pots useful stuff that the Rasier guards won’t take.

Anyway, this time I bought 150 pills to go with my 19 small pots, and was carrying about 50 pounds more than was good for me. Then when I got to Rasier I was like, fuck this, those guys aren’t getting this 100 dinars either. So I spent all my free time in Rasier (thus killing two birds, since free time in Rasier has always been the weakest point of that game) buying drinks from Wilmer. Turns out you can drink as many Djinn Slings as you want as long as you exit the bar after two of them. Actually you can buy a third; just walk out without drinking it.

So, yeah, 95 Djinn Slings. (The other 5 dinars were used, of course, to buy information I could have guessed on my own from Ugarte.) I can’t help wondering what Wilmer (not to mention Ferrari and everyone else in there) thought of me. But at least the damn guards only got 35 centimes.

And then Rakeesh had to go declare me a Paladin at the end. I swear, all it takes to make Paladin in that game is not killing Merv and a handful of thank you‘s, because I was not trying. And when I started Wages it was like, “In QfG2 you became a Paladin; do you want to play as one now, or remain a Wizard?” Which was a tough decision for me, since, though I dislike Paladins and their Random Capitalization, I feel bad about Rakeesh being all, “This guy’s so great and Honorable, I’m totally going to Give him my very own personal Sword, which has a Name, and declare him A Paladin and totally Take him under my wing and Train him and Stuff,” and me being like, “Ummm, no.” Buuuut that was what I did.

Of course this has given me all sorts of ideas for Hero, Hero, but QfG fic is not exactly in (or even near) the center of my writing target XD Still, maybe I’ll be able to come up with another chapter of that one of these days.

Which brings me to my next topic, writingz. Of course staying away from the computer and working so much on a picture (and video games) while away from it has led to very little writing. What I have gotten done has been several pages of ASZz 26, which is now about half finished. I am pleased with this. It’ll be nice to get on to chapter 27 and get Saitou back into this Saitou & Sano story. Sano’s not the only one that misses him; I dreamed about him last night XD

I’ve also done a little work on TLY, which is good, but more would be better. I would say, “Maybe I will work on that today,” but I don’t think that’s very likely. If I work on any story today, it will probably be ASZz, but I think I will mostly draw today.

Draw and drive people around, apparently. I have no objection to driving people around, but it does eat up time. I start school next week, and I don’t know what the car-juggling is going to look like at that point XD

I feel bad because several weeks ago I agreed to beta-read a story for someone, and I still have, like, thirty pages of that left to go. But that has to be done on the computer, and these poor wrists of mine… And that’s after evacuating took a big old chunk out of my time.

I believe I will post this now, and then work on my picture.