On Craigslist I saw this “Foot models wanted” ad that I had to click on because it looked amusing. It was. This line inside made me laugh myself helpless: “Female models needed for an upstart foot-related website selling photos and videos of feet as separate content.” An upstart foot-related website… oh, man…

Yesterday I went everywhere with Zombie Girl. I have been reading to her my favorite fanfiction of all time, which she too has been loving to pieces, so any time there is some driving to be done I keep going with her so we can read.

Between that and recording Plastic I’m a little hoarse lately XD That project is actually coming along better than I’d expected, since it is a great way for me to keep from a lot of mousing or typing. I’m up to part 21, so I’m a fifth of the way through! Yay!

Now it is time for pairing meme. Day 3: Your OTP – Saitou and Sano

(This has long been one of my all-time favorite Saitou and Sano pictures, and I’ve always believed that saito-enfadadiz drew it, but now I realize that I might be wrong… let me know, anyone that knows)

So this one, obviously, is an easy question to answer. Saitou and Sano have been my most beloved pairing for over a decade, and, despite how I’ve slowed down writing (or at least posting) RK fic in the last few years, I don’t see Saitou and Sano being displaced any time soon. They just have such an amazingly interesting and fun dynamic, and such excellent potential to bring out good and fascinating aspects of each other’s character. I love them in any setting and just about any type of plot, and I will read even the crappiest writing if the story is about them.

Of course, I don’t have a great deal more to say about them at the moment since I’ve banged this drum before. So how about a sneaky secret? Seeing Red, which I have undoubtedly mentioned at times lately, is about these two extremely compatible dudes, involves magic, and happens to be set in the same city where another set of characters had a romantic, doll-related adventure not too long ago. Saitou and Sano Forevaaaar!!!