Mom’s got a singer staying here for a few days to record, and last night they were doing loud music stuff until all hours. So I closed my bedroom door when I went to bed. I usually sleep with it open so that cat can come and go; if I need to close it, such as in this sort of situation, she gets to stay in the room all night… which she doesn’t exactly like, but she gets over it. Except last night, when she yowled and pounded on the door for TWO FUCKING HOURS. Eventually I got up to use the bathroom, thereby letting her out. Whether my poor sleep for the rest of the night was due to this bad start or inevitable, I don’t know, but cat certainly didn’t help XD Oh, man, I can’t wait to sleep in on Saturday morning.

I dreamed I was this superhero wandering around a strip mall in my civilian form. There was some show or something going on, and a bunch of kids had climbed up onto a roof the better to see it; looking at them I thought, Yikes, one of them is definitely going to need rescuing pretty soon here… but it turned out they could all jump down from the roof without hurting themselves at all. So that was good.

On the way back from that show, I randomly, casually confided in some woman that was walking along that I was such-and-such a superhero in civilian form. I think I did this just to see how she would react, but the dream skipped forward at this point so I-dreamer didn’t actually get to see her reaction.

Then I was in this store looking at shirts, and I was chatting with this lady that was also looking at shirts. She was a little concerned because she was going to be visiting the local crotchety-and-sometimes-a-little-evil faery later, and she was considering buying one of these shirts as a present for her… but the shirts were men’s shirts, and she didn’t know how the faery would react to such a thing.

Says I, “Well, I’m thinking of buying this shirt here for myself–” holding up a men’s shirt that I thought was super cute– “and, if you’d like, I’ll put it on and go see her and subtly bring up the topic and see what she might think of being given a men’s shirt as a gift. Then, if you give me your phone number, I can text you what she said.” The implication was that I was in absolutely no danger from the faery, though I didn’t actually say as much. The lady was grateful. What was really weird was that neither of us questioned how the other knew this faery, who wasn’t someone just anyone would know and visit.

Then I went to try on the shirt I was looking at, and that was about the end of that dream.

In my other dream, there was another fire, and this one was definitely specifically in my neighborhood. We could see the flames through the front windows of our house, and we were getting ready to evacuate. This time I packed everything about which I kept thinking, last time, Oh, I should have brought that. And I very carefully called school to let them know that I wouldn’t be in that day on account of fire blocking my path to school and the need to evacuate.

My teacher’s officially a dumbass; thank Poe I only have to put up with him for six (soon only five) weeks. Yesterday he said that the only reason he can see for getting a tongue piercing is because you want to use it for oral sex, and that therefore people with tongue piercings must be having a lot of oral sex, and it’s just disgusting for them to want to broadcast that to the whole world. Today he told us that every single language on Earth comes from Latin, and also went on for about ten minutes about how terrible CNA’s are. On the latter he did back down a little when he remembered that about a quarter of the class used to be CNA’s.

He’s still not as bad as Alexx.

OK, now how about pairing meme. Day 7: A pairing that disappointed you…

Honestly, I don’t have a specific answer for this prompt. I’ve been thinking about it since I started this meme, and I can’t really come up with any. The closest I can get is to mention a few pairings that are often written in a way I don’t like in fanfiction.

Well, no, actually, I probably shouldn’t get too specific, because it will turn into a seme/uke rant (BECAUSE FUCK THAT BULLSHIT). Suffice it to say that it bugs me when characters are written out of character in order to force them to fit traditional/stereotypical relationship/gender roles or to smooth away traits some writer or reader believes a character cannot be attractive while possessing. That type of writing will leave me disappointed with a pairing.

But canon pairings? Seriously, nothing comes to mind.