Today at school was less dreadful than some previous days have been. Most of the offensive bullshit that comes out of my teacher’s mouth seems to be related to our stupid “study skills” subject, and we were mostly anatomy today. There was a little math, though, during which dipshit told us that, when adding 3/4, 1/16, and 2/32, “16 can’t be the common denominator because 32 doesn’t go into 16.”


Anyway, I got to see Zombie Girl, so yay on that. We’ve been curious about this one restaurant called “Chinese Restaurant” for a long time, so finally we went there. It was delicious. We’re halfway through the final chapter of my favorite fanfiction evar, after working at it for I forget how long.

Oh, and speaking of fanfiction, I’m up to part 42 of Plastic in my reading-aloud project (I’ve read up through part 51, but only edited through part 42), and so far it’s four and a half hours long. It’s been so much fun, so far, recording this, that I may have to do other stories once I’m done.

And now it is time for pairing meme. Day 9: Your least favorite couple – Hermione and Ron

(This incongruously awesome art should lead to a gallery of its artist.)

Usually I don’t really dislike the idea of any couple, just they way they get written. For example, I rarely encounter fic about Kenshin and Sano together that I like, but only because of what the authors do to Kenshin. Similarly, I stopped reading fics about Harry and Draco years and years ago because WTF is this thing they try to pass off as Draco? But I don’t dislike the pairings themselves, and I have, on occasion, seen them done well (DO NOT REC ME FICS; I AM NOT INTERESTED).

In the case of Ron and Hermione, however… well, let’s just say I think she deserves better.

A lot better.

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t freak out in Rowling’s direction about this. I thought the pairing made perfect sense in the books, and, unfortunately, have seen far too many people (especially women) involved with others that will only drag them down and hold them back for it to make me cry foul on the author. Especially knowing that Hermione goes on to be “instrumental in greatly improving life for house-elves and their ilk” and “a progressive voice who ensures the eradication of oppressive, pro-pureblood laws,” despite whatever she has to deal with from Ron, I’m just proud of her for rising above her circumstances, and can’t necessarily condemn her for making a mistake so many people have made to much more devastating effect.